Quest Pediatric Dentistry Review

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Apr 11, 2015 | Posted by A.S.

The Pediatric Dentistry is a great amazing place to go! When you walk in you are always welcome with I kind nice smile from a lady sitting up front. They have a big place for kids to do many things like watching TV, play pirates, watch the fish, and many more things while your parent/ or guardian checks you in. After about ten minutes a nurse will come and call your name to take you to the back. you get to chose what you want to watch , your toothbrush, and your toothpaste. next you lay on a table while they clean your teeth nice and pearly white. When they are done you get to lay on the table and watch TV until the dentist comes out and checks your teeth. After he checks your teeth the nurse will put you a brand new toothpaste, toothbrush, coupons, and let you pick out stickers. Every time I go there a know I'm in good hands and not to worry about anything. I love this place and will never leave it. - Ann-Elise C. Soileau